For solo piano


7 min.



Rift is a piece about gaps, disagreement and opposite characters. The title refers both to the friction of two opposite viewpoints and to certain gestural situations and characters of the music.

The dramaturgy of the work could be seen as two people with opposite views arguing with each other. The two opposite voices are represented by 1) a pointillistic staccato texture with sharp three note chords and 2) a cantabile legato texture with soft three voice harmonies. These opposite characters argue with each other in the beginning but the pointillistic texture seems to win the battle. The polytextural situation is transformed into a monotextural one and the music is from here onwards dominated by the pointillistic texture filled with gaps achieved by rests in the music.

The cantabile texture is introduced back into the music and for a while given more space as a coral-like texture derived from the cantabile material dominates the music. Gradually the pointillistic sixteenth note texture is transformed into a flowing continuous texture using the same harmonic material as the other textures. This type of more vivid material finally culminates into a burst where the music eventually cracks into small pieces. What remains are just tiny particles floating in an atmospheric and sonorous space as the piece ends.

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