For trumpet and ensemble


28 min.


tr (soloist), fl (pic & bfl), cl (bcl), perc, pno, 2 vl, vla, vc, db


Commissioned by
Uusinta Ensemble and Ensemble Musikfabrik


Premiered by

Uusinta Ensemble
& soloist Tomas Gricius
Conducted by Sebastian Hilli
Mar 11 2023
Music Centre
Musica nova Helsinki festival
Helsinki, Finland

Honeymoon is a trumpet concerto in which the soloist functions as a protagonist, narrating a story of love, passion, dreaming and longing.

Through dreaming, the soloist is moving between two different worlds – one of intimate solitude, loneliness, nostalgia and heartbreak, and the other full of life, love, sweetness, lightness and togetherness.

By daring to dream and by surrendering to the stream of emotions, the soloist gets to experience the feelings they are longing for and maybe once had – joy and happiness, tenderness, optimism, infatuation, passion and euphoria.

When the dream ends, a spark is left – a new morning that feels a little bit lighter and more hopeful than the one before.

Past performances

March 11 2023
Musica nova Helsinki Festival
Uusinta Ensemble and Tomas Gricius
Conducted by Sebastian Hilli
Music Centre, Helsinki, Finland

Nov 14 2021 CANCELLED due to covid
Ensemble Musikfabrik and Marco Blaauw
Conducted by Emilio Pomarico
WDR Funkhaus am Wallrafplatz
Cologne, Germany

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