For string quartet & percussion


6 min.


2 vn, va, vc, perc


Premiered by
Esbjerg Ensemble
Apr 10 2012
Conducted by Johannes Liedbergius
Esbjerg Hall, Esbjerg

The piece consists of three short monolithic movements with the focus on texture. The title Delta refers to:

1) The fourth letter in the Greek alphabet and its uppercase letter, which has the shape of a triangle. The three movements of the piece could be seen as the three corners of a triangle that shape the piece’s form.

2) A river delta. All of the three movements have a flowing character and they symbolize the three rivers that form a river delta.

Past Performances

Apr 14 2016
Österbottens svenska kulturfonds utdelningsfest
Frans Henriksonsalen, Närpes, Finland

Apr 13 2016
Nylands svenska kulturfonds utdelningsfest
Nya Paviljongen Grankulla, Finland

Apr 12 2016
Åbolands svenska kulturfonds utdelningsfest
PIUG Kultursalen, Pargas, Finland

Aug 22 2013
Cikada ensemble
Rikscenen, Oslo, Norway

Apr 10 2012
Esbjerg Ensemble
Conducted by Johannes Liedbergius
Esbjerg Hall, Esbjerg

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Delta, performed by Esbjerg Ensemble: