Miracle (2020) for orchestra

Cinema (2019-2020) for string orchestra

Peach (2019) for orchestra

Snap Music (2017-2018) for orchestra

Affekt (2016-2017) for choirs and orchestra

Reachings (2014) for orchestra

Orchestra and soloist

1977 – a Violin Concerto (2023) for violin and orchestra

You Are the Earth Beneath You (2022-2023) for soprano and orchestra

Large ensemble

Hibernation (2021-2022) for large ensemble, electronics and animation

Honeymoon (2021) for trumpet and ensemble

Sundog (2020) for brass ensemble

Peach (2019, rev. 2020) for large ensemble

Bird (2019) for large ensemble


String Quartet No. 2 – Lion’s Teeth (2024)

Palace (2023) for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano

Butterfly Curve (2018) for chamber ensemble

Psycho Wood (2018) for percussion quartet

Paraphrase III – ”Soave dolore” (2016) for wind quintet

Paraphrase II – ”Giant steps and eden acid” (2016) for chamber ensemble

Paraphrase I (2015) for chamber ensemble

Elogio de la sombra (2015) for string quartet

confluence/divegrence (2013-2015) Concerto for guitar and ensemble

Hypha (2013-2014) for chamber ensemble

Stereoactive (2013-2014) for two flutes and two percussionists

Delta (2012) for string quartet and percussion


Teddy (2023) for accordion

The Tempered Suite (2019) for microtonal guitar

Rack and Pinion (2018) for piano