Scintillio (2014)


For vln


Fp Melise Mellinger, ensemble recherche, Morat-Institut, Freiburg, Germany, February 28, 2017


The piece begins with a soft whisper-like but active flautando texture as if slowly starting an engine. Gradually the music gets more active and concrete with fast ordinario playing technique. The music is sparkling with vivid character and virtuosic texture highlighting the brilliance of the player.

The soloist plays incessantly like trying to light a match on fire, alluding to the title of the piece, Scintillio (Sparkling). Eventually all of the energy is used and the active continuous texture is reduced to only few sparkles represented by bouncing jetés, col legno battuto gestures and flautando whispers in the end of the piece. A choral texture that has been accruing now and then in the piece ends the battle.


02.03.2017, Badische Zeitung: Fabian Ober

” Was man von ”Scintillio” des Finnen Sebastian Hilli, der Uraufführung des Abends, dem ”potenziellen Lieblingsstück”, wie Melise Mellinger betont, nur eingeschränkter behaupten kann: Die flackernd verschiedene Zentren umkreisende Musik ist spannend – die Wirkung aber viel distanzierter, wenngleich Mellinger auf der Violine hervorragend die charakterlichen Spielarten auslotet.”


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