Orchestral & Large ensemble


Affekt (2016-2017) 45´

For choirs and orchestra 3333 4331 12 1, str, chf, chm, 2chx

Commissioned by Helsingfors sång- och musikförbund for its 100th anniversary.

Premiered by Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and member choirs of Helsingfors sång- och musikförbund,

conducted by Leif Segerstam.

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Reachings (2014) 13´

For orchestra 3333 4331 13 1, pno, str

World Premiere 31.5.2015 Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra cond. Kazumasa Watanabe

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Paraphrase III – ”Soave dolore” (2016) 13´

Wind quintet.

Fl (+afl), ob (+eh), cl (+bcl), hn, bsn.

Commissioned by Crusell Music Festival.

Premiered by Arktinen Hysteria.

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Paraphrase II – ”Giant steps and eden acid” (2016) 20´

Fl (+picc, bfl), cl (+bcl), pno, vn, va, vc.

Commissioned and premiered by Uusinta Ensemble.

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Paraphrase I (2015) 9´

Oboe, clarinet, piano and double bass.

Premiered by Zagros Ensemble.

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Elogio de la sombra (2015) 17´

String quartet.

Premiered by Kamus Quartet.

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confluence/divergence (2013-2015) 27´

Concerto for guitar and small ensemble.

Guitar, flute, percussion, harp and violoncello.

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Hypha (2013-2014) 10´

Flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, viola and violoncello.

Premiered by Ensemble Recherche.

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Stereoactive (2013-2014) 4´

Two flutes and two percussionists.

Premiered by Alessandro Battici (fl), Doris Nicoletti (fl), Wolfgang Nagl (perc),

Lou Lizhen (perc).

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Kohta (2013) 6´

Flute (+piccolo), clarinet in Bb (+bass), percussion, piano, violin and violoncello.

Premiered by Curious Camber Players conducted by Rei Munakata.

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Delta (2012) 6´

String quartet and percussion

Premiered by Esbjerg Ensemble conducted by Johannes Liedbergius.

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Voice & instruments


Arachne (2015-2016) 20´

A music theatre work for 3 singers and ensemble.

Written to a text by Maria Kallio.

2 sopranos, mezzo soprano, bass clarinet, trombone, percussion, electric guitar (baritone) and violoncello.

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Unohdan että unohdan (2011-2012) 18´

Written to a poem by Harry Salmenniemi.

Mezzo soprano, flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin and double bass.

Premiered by Zagros Ensemble and Jutta Seppinen (Mezzo).

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Rift (2014) 7´

Solo piano.

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Scintillio (2014) 7´

Solo violin.

Premiered by Melise Mellinger (ensemble recherche).

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