Orchestral & large ensemble


Snap Music (2017-2018) 15´

For orchestra 3333 4331 13 1, pno, str

Commissioned by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

Premiere in December 2018 by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Hannu Lintu.


Affekt (2016-2017) 45´

For choirs and orchestra 3333 4331 12 1, str, chf, chm, 2chx

Commissioned by Helsingfors sång- och musikförbund for its 100th anniversary.

Premiered by Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and member choirs of Helsingfors sång- och musikförbund,

conducted by Leif Segerstam.

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Reachings (2014) 13´

For orchestra 3333 4331 13 1, pno, str

Premiered by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Kazumasa Watanabe

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